Sometimes all you need is to enjoy the silence; for silence is the first natural language that comes to us by default and all else is a desperate effort leading to a poor translation of this universal Divine Language. But all in all, maybe the verbal language is the quickest escape to understanding that Divinity than the other languages!!!

In a world full of mute people,

Maybe I’ll fit better.

With no-one to say a word,

For there’d be no language to share.

Showing happiness would be:

People to balter at the sound of their own laughter,

Holding hands and going round-and-round together.

There’d be no abuses and no qualms for words and their usage.

With no language in the picture, feelings would overflow:

Just as water out of a pitcher.

The languages of eye-contact and touch would be at work:

To bring a smile on faces all the more.

But with no words to spare, the world from one another’s perspective: Would all just be a hazy glare.

As the trapped feelings would also sometimes want to come out and cry: “Yayyy!!!”

Just as a little girl peeping stealthily outside from the door left ajar,

Wishes to join the kids in the playground shrieking with joy: “Hurray!!!”

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