Say No To Being Judgemental


“Words mean nothing. Gestures mean something. Actions mean something even more. But it’s the Emotions behind actions that mean something the most.”

Well! I came up with the above thought while pondering over various events which take place in one’s life—People getting offended by the manner in which a person uses offensive language, abuses etc. Or when people out of lack of sense of how to behave in a certain situation, make stupid gestures, innuendos etc. Or when people act in an irrational way sometimes completely oblivious of the consequences of those actions.

These are the moments when we jump to conclusions and absolute statements like “He has no sense of how to behave.” Or,
“What kind of a person does such a thing?” Or,
“You’re not the person I used to know.” Etc etc.


Is it right to judge people on the basis of the words they have uttered, or their gestures or their actions?
Maybe not.

And, is it even possible to judge a person’s emotions behind the deeds he has done?
Possibly not.

So does judging people matter at all?
Absolutely not.