Bye, bye anxiety


Dear Anxiety,

I address this letter to you in the hope of putting an end to our one year long association. You tried your best to bring me down and trample me under self-doubt and a mountain of worries leaving me in tears at times and at other of sleepless nights. You gave me headaches and a gnawing feeling of despair in my heart. You made me weak emotionally making me a victim of others’ opinions rather than the self-confident way of dealing things with as I used to do earlier. You made me question my very being, my goodness and my positivity. You made me question my relationships and forced me to be dependent upon others for validation. You destroyed all my sense of boundaries and made me jump into acts of self-mortification. But, but, but… I forgive you. I hold no grudges against you for you taught me how to be self-reliant and be in control to keep you at bay. Today, I put an end to your unwanted visits. Every time you try to creep back into my life, all I have to say to you is Goodbye!

Never yours,

A fighter.