Know Quillstruck


Dear Reader!

Welcome to Quillstruck!

I am not a great writer but all I know is that writing soothes me in ways its hard to explain.

Initially I intended to share my writings and compositions in the form of poetry, short stories, essays and quotations here on this blog. But lately I have realized I am going to be brutally honest about my thoughts, words and feelings and write and post things as abstract as my dreams or experiences I undergo while travelling to a far away place. Thus, this blog here is my heart, it is my diary and also my book.

I’d be privileged if you, my dear Reader, would offer feedback on my work here in the form of Comments, Like etc.

I’d be looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Reading!

Thanks for stopping by!


– Aditi Singh (

With the hope of entertaining you to the best of my abilities, I invite you to follow my blog. Cheers! 


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