Life:Slumber :: Death:Awakening


There was a loud thud on the weak wooden door. The inhabitants looked in the direction of the horrifying knock all at once – the father with an expression of angst and worry; the teenage daughter with a look of wonder while her little brother with a pure confused and ignorant look, running away from his Didi’s hand holding the last bite of the chappati of his share, came to a sudden hault.
The father rushed to each and every window of his hut to shut them as hurriedly as possible but the wind kept pushing them away from the hinges. Holding his two children close to his heart he kept waiting in the darkness for the monstrous blizzard, casting their shadows on the wet floor with every spell of maddening thunder, to die out!

“I won’t let anything happen to you my love.”, cried the man. “You stay here with the children and let me run to the neighbourhood and grab a bag of those pills.”

Saying this he rushed towards the door just to quickly shut it back. Turning away from the door all he could witness was a horde of militiamen, marching house to house collecting the ominous pills, dragging those who couldn’t deposit their share, out of their homes and brutally stuffing one man after the other into the cages installed at the back of the lorries. It was the storm this time which added to the comfort by clouding one’s vision to the scenes of agony.

Mohan turned to his right and saw his neighbour, peeping from the window left ajar, waving frantically to come to him. He slipped indoors only to know that their harvest had also gone bad and that all they could help him with were a few left over pills prepared from the seeds of last year’s harvest. The poor man cursed his fate and carried a handful of pills as opposed to a bag full of them, to submit as his share. As he came out of his neighbourhood, he could hear the shrieks of a woman. Somehow that cry seemed familiar to him and he ran in the direction of the voice in despair.

“STOP!!!!!!”, he shouted racing madly after a cart carrying its prisoners in the locked-up confinement.

“NO!!! Don’t!! I have them!!! WAIT!!!!!”, pleaded the man seeing that one hand with red bangles crushed between many alike.

But it was too late to chase any further for the cart went down the horizon leaving him hysterical, down on his knees, in the storm culminating into a heavy downpour. This time Mother Nature adding comfort by mourning with him in his hour of grief.

My dear! Death is the only truth.” He could hear the calm voice say to him as he sat down on the ground full of muddy puddles of water.

Death is our only true love for first we are set free to do whatever we want to in this selfish world and then it calls us back to its homely bosom.” He longed to see her this time through his watery eyes as she spoke these words of wisdom but all that lied in front of him was an appalling anguish.

The days of slumber are now over; for now is the time to wake up and to embrace the long-lost friend.” Continued the melodious voice of his wife.

This time the words actually soothed him as he decided to wake up to embrace the reality. He opened his eyes to see his two beautiful children sleeping next to him. With a smile on his face he again went off to sleep remembering his once awakened wife.